Subase Logo-9 USS S-34 (SS-139) USS S-35 (SS-140) USS S-36 (SS-141) USS S-37 (SS-142) USS S-38 (SS-143) USS S-39 (SS-144) USS S-40 (SS-145) USS S-41 (SS-146) USS S-42 (SS-153) USS S-43 (SS-154) USS S-44 (SS-155) USS S-45 (SS-156) USS S-46 (SS-157) USS S-47 (SS-158) USS S-48 (SS-159) USS S-49 (SS-160) USS S-50 (SS-161) USS S-51 (SS-162) USS Sabalo (SS-302) USS Sablefish (SS-303) USS Sailfish (SS-192) USS Salmon (AGSS-573) USS Salmon (SS-182) USS Salmon (SS-573)-2 USS Salmon (SS-573)-3 USS Salmon (SS-573) USS Salmon (SSR-573) USS Sand Lance (SS-381) USS Sarda (SS-488) USS Sargo (SS-188) at the Mare Island Navy Yard, California, 28 April 1943 USS Saury (SS-189) off the Mare Island Navy Yard USS Sawfish (SS-276) USS Scabbardfish (SS-397) USS Scamp (SS-277) USS Scopion (SS-278) was launched  July 20, 1942 USS Scorpion (SS-278) (2) USS Scorpion (SS-278) USS Sculpin (SS-191) entering Pearl Harbor USS Sculpin (SS-191)-2 USS Sculpin (SS-191)-3 USS Sculpin (SS-191)-4 USS Sculpin (SS-191) USS Sea Cat (SS-399) USS Sea Devil (SS-400) USS Sea Dog (SS-401) was decommissioned at New London, CT and placed in reserve  (Jun 27, 1956). USS Sea Dog (SS-401) USS Sea Fox (SS-402) USS Sea Leopard (SS-483) USS Sea Owl (SS-405) USS Sea Poacher (SS-406) USS Sea Pocher (SS-406) was commissioned Jul 31, 1944 USS Sea Robin (SS-407)-2 USS Sea Robin (SS-407) USS Seadragon (SS-194) USS Seahorse (SS-304) USS Seal (SS-183) Apr 25 1936 USS Seal (SS-183)-2 USS Seal (SS-183) USS Sealion (SS-195) USS Sealion (SS-315) USS Searaven (SS-196) USS Seawolf (SS-197) USS Segundo (SS-398) USS Sennet (SS-408) USS Shad (SS-235) USS Shark (SS-08) USS Shark (SS-174) USS Shark (SS-314) USS Silversides (SS-236) museum (photo by Bryan Waller) USS Silversides (SS-236) USS Sirago (SS-485) USS Skate (SS-305) USS Skipjack (SS-184) USS Snapper (SS-185) USS Snook (SS-279) USS Spadefish (SS-411) USS Spearfish (SS-190) USS Spikefish (SS-404) USS Spinax (SS-489) USS Spinax (SS-SSR-489) USS Spot (SS-413) USS Springer (SS-414) USS Steelhead (SS-280) USS Sterlet (SS-392) USS Stickleback (SS-415) USS Stingray (SS-161) USS Stingray (SS-186) USS Sturgeon (SS-187) was commissioned, with Lt. Cmdr. A.D. Barnes in command (Jun 25, 1938). USS Sturgeon (SS-187) USS Sunfish (SS-281)-3 USS Sunfish (SS-281) USS Swordfish (SS-193) USS T-1 (SS-52) USS T-2 (SS-60) USS T-3 (SS-61) USS Tambor (SS-198) USS Tang (SS-306) USS Tarpon (SS-175) USS Tautog (SS-199) was commissioned, with Lt. Joseph H. Willingham commanding Jul 3, 1940) USS Tautog (SS-199)-2 USS Tautog (SS-199) USS Tench (SS-417) USS Thornback (SS-418) USS Threadfin (SS-410) and USS Piper (SS-409) USS Threadfin (SS-410)-2 USS Threadfin (SS-410)-3 USS Threadfin (SS-410) USS Thresher (SS-200) USS Tigrone (SS-419)-2 USS Tigrone (SS-419) USS Tilefish (SS-307) USS Tinosa (SS-283) USS Tinosa, SS-283 May 27, 1960 USS Tirante (SS-420) USS Tiru (SS-416)-2 USS Tiru (SS-416) USS Toro (SS-422) USS Torsk (SS-423) coming alongside USCGC Courier in 1960. USS Torsk (SS-423)-2 USS Torsk (SS-423)-4 USS Torsk (SS-423)-5 USS Torsk (SS-423) USS Trepang (SS-412) USS Trigger (SS-237) USS Triton (SS-201) USS Trout (SS-202) USS Trout (SS-566) At Philadelphia 2002 USS Trout (SS-566) was commissioned, with Cmdr. George W. Kittredge commanding (Jun 27, 1952). USS Trout (SS-566)-2 USS Trout (SS-566)-3 USS Trout (SS-566)-4 USS Trout (SS-566) USS Trumpetfish (SS-425) USS Trutta (SS-421) USS Tullibee (SS-284) USS Tuna (SS-203) USS Tunny (SS-282) off Mare Island USS Tunny (SS-282) USS Tunny (SSG-282) off of Hawaii March 1953 USS Tunny (SSG-282) showing her Regulus missle laucher container USS Tunny (SSG-282) underway March 1953 USS Tunny (SSG-282) with Regulus missle launcher pod. USS Turbot (SS-427) USS Tusk (SS-426) USS Ulua (SS-428) USS Unicorn (SS-436) USS Volador (SS-490) USS Wahoo (SS-238) departs Mare Island USS Wahoo (SS-238) USS Wahoo SS-238 USS Walrus (SS-437) USS Whale (SS-239)
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